Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review of College Pressures by William Zinsser

Why are we so determined in life to stay on one track without steering off that track?

I like to steer off track, which is evidenced by my last review, and take you somewhere else. Life is a journey, and so should our writing.

That's why I liked the essay called "College Pressures" by William Zinsser.

Zinsser poses the question better than I do: Why are we so determined in life to stay on one track without steering off that track?

This is one of the many questions that this essay posed. To me, it's the poingant.

People are afraid to fail. They want a secure life.

They want to live the perfect life that Zinsser suggests: get good grades, find a job,  have a family, and then die.

If the world was like that there would be nothing of interest to speak about, and the uniqueness that everyone produces would forever be lost.  

Zinsser’s purpose of this essay is to discuss in a sympathetic, and factual way all of the pressures put on a student by their parents, professors, peers, and themselves.

This is accomplished by starting the essay off rather humorously to let the reader relax and enjoy a giggle, but then he smacks the reader with the seriousness of the subject.

The pressure that the student puts on themselves is the greatest, because it is a combination of the other three.  Zinsser also compares and contrasts a liberal education against a specific education, and gives his opinion that a liberal education is better by emphasizing this throughout the essay.

I agree with mostly agree with his ideas, because I think that the only way to actually learn anything is through experimentation.  While experimenting with many different courses you will end up as a well  rounded person and the variety will be there, because it is inevitable that one will change careers often in life so why not be prepared for it.

If only limited to of one discipline there will be opportunities missed that could have been taken advantage of.  However, I think that a general education is needed, but a little emphasis on a subject that there is a strong interest in is also needed.

I do not want to dominate myself into one discipline so I have taken a variety of courses, but I have put a little emphasis on drawing courses.

The representations that he uses are at a different standard than most colleges.  Part of the pressures still relate to any school, because   the parents want their son or daughter to succeed and that is emphasized to them.

The student  expects too much out of themselves, because they do not think that they will get a good education or job if they do not go to some highly sophisticated school.

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